Inspection Visits

No high pressure sales talk

Breaking out of ordinary life to get a place in the sun can be a lifelong dream, but how are you going to make it reality?

You could arrange it yourself and brave a strange area and complicated process. You could try an estate agent and put up with sales tactics and viewing property you can't afford.

Neither option sounds fun, and they aren't the easiest way to go about it.

To find the perfect place, you need to view those properties in your budget, in the right style and location. Then sit and think about it for a while. When you come on one of our Inspection Visits we take no deposit from you whilst you are in Turkey. We give you plenty of time to go home and think about it....unless like us you fall in love with the place and want to go home knowing you have secured your dream holiday home.

That's what we do on our Inspection Visits. We ask you what you want and then show you properties that match your criteria.

We arrange the accommodation for your stay, a guided tour of the right style of property in your chosen area and within your budget. Then we give you space to take it in.

We never apply sales pressure, it's not our way - we provide the means for you to start realising your dreams of owning a home in the sun.

What does it cost and what's included?

We ask for a small fee of 350 per person (for up to 2 people). This one-off payment provides your flights, transfer to Altinkum, transport around the area and accommodation. When you purchase one of our properties we will refund this payment in full.

We arrange an itinerary to suit you. Consider it a relaxed and informal business trip. All you need is some sensible footwear, camera, hat and suncream - leave us to do the rest.

Why do we offer Inspection Visits?

Our customers are in the UK but our property is in Turkey. If we want people to buy from us then it's our job to bring them over to see us. After all there is no substitute for seeing the area and property for yourself. Website research can only take you a short way down the road to finding that perfect holiday home.

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Now that you have decided to come along on an Inspection Visit please complete the form below so that we may start to make arrangements for your visit. A consultant will contact you before any bookings are made.